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Christopher Filippidis is a Designer at GHD and a Content Creator, based in Melbourne, Australia. 


He grew up in Park Orchards, a suburb east of Melbourne dotted with family homes set in a landscape of mature trees. With family roots in Greece, he has a close and lasting relationship with European culture and tradition. 


To enhance his portfolio, Christopher trained in classical architecture while in Sweden, and as a result, he wields a wide-ranging command of styles grounded in history, knowledge, and tradition.


His library, in excess of 200 volumes is the wellspring of his practice, inspiring designs that combine scholarship, historic precedent, creative invention, and timeless taste.


The combination of growing up in a family suburb, European tradition, and classical training has shaped his architectural sensibility, characterized by a balance between tradition, comfort, and contemporary living. 


He has a passion for sharing beautiful homes and designing them, connect for enquiries.

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